What is live event art ?

Live event painting is where I come to your event and paint whatever you like. This is done in full view of your guests and they can watch the painting unfold as part of the entertainment.  

Live painting is ideal for:


  • Parties

  • Fundraisers

  • Corporate events

  • Opening ceremonies

  • Weddings or anniversaries

  • Engagement parties

  • Baptisms and christenings

Step 1.  We meet and discuss the theme of your event. This is where we decide on what will work best for the painting.


Step 2.  Normally I arrive prior to the event to set up and begin the painting.  

It creates more of a wow factor if the painting is underway when the guests arrive.

Step 3.  I paint throughout the event and chat to guests who have questions.

If you want the painting completed that evening I can do this.

If you desire a detailed piece I can take it to my studio to finish the next day.


Finished paintings are then coated in a clear varnish for added protection.

Step 4.  Once the painting is finished you can:

  • Keep it as a reminder of your event

  • Hang it in the office

  • Raffle it to guests

  • Auction it for charity

  • Use the image for websites, prints, cards, etc.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of paint do you use?

For event painting it is much better to use acrylic. It dries very quickly and does not smell. Oil paints take months to dry, so if this is preferred I will dry it at my studio.

What is required for the set up?

I only need a space about 4x6'. I will bring my own table for equipment, easel and light etc. Ideally an electrical powerpoint is available but if not I will bring chargers. I prefer to arrive at the event a few hours prior to the start to ensure the painting is underway. Where possible I will try to dress to your theme....depending on what it is!

What size canvas will you paint?

Any size! If you want a non-standard size canvas I can get this custom made prior to the event. Obviously the larger the canvas the more difficult it is to get this completed on the night but I can arrive earlier to ensure it is finished.

What detail do you get to on event nights with your paintings?

It will depend very much on the size of the canvas and the complexity of what I paint on the night. We can chat about this prior to make sure you get what you want. I can also do multiple smaller paintings rather than a large canvas if you prefer.

Are you insured?

Yes, I am fully insured. I have never hurt anyone painting!

Will you get along with my guests?

I am extremely friendly and easy to talk to. I love people and enjoy explaining the painting process to people who watch the painting evolve. Oh, and I speak 3 languages!

Where are you based and will you travel?

I am based in Calgary Canada. I am more than willing to travel and have completed commissioned paintings in 4 countries so far. Calgary is an international airport.

What do you charge?

This will depend on the type and size of the painting. Rest assured, it is great value!