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event art

 What is live event art ?

Live event painting is where I come to your event and paint whatever you like. This is done in full view of your guests and they can watch the painting unfold as part of the entertainment.  

Live painting is ideal for:


  • Parties

  • Fundraisers

  • Corporate events

  • Opening ceremonies

  • Weddings or anniversaries

  • Engagement parties

  • Baptisms and christenings

Step 1.  We meet and discuss the theme of your event. This is where we decide on what will work best for the painting.


Step 2.  Normally I arrive prior to the event to set up and begin the painting.  

It creates more of a wow factor if the painting is underway when the guests arrive.

Step 3.  I paint throughout the event and chat to guests who have questions.

If you want the painting completed that evening I can do this.

If you desire a detailed piece I can take it to my studio to finish the next day.


Finished paintings are then coated in a clear varnish for added protection.

Step 4.  Once the painting is finished you can:

  • Keep it as a reminder of your event

  • Hang it in the office

  • Raffle it to guests

  • Auction it for charity

  • Use the image for websites, prints, cards, etc.

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