Wedding live art


What kind of paint do you use?

I can create artwork in all the mediums (acrylic or oil) but prefer to use acrylic as there is no smell and dries much quicker than oil. An oil painting can take 2 months to dry..... After the painting in acrylic is complete I apply a clear coat of varnish to protect your painting. If you wish to have your painting created in oil I can certainly do this.

Can you do a different canvas size?

Yes, I can paint any size you like. I can get custom made canvases prior to the event.

What level of detail do you go to when painting weddings?

This is entirely up to you but it is generally better if I focus on the special couple and a handful of your VIP guests. Many of the other guests will be recognisable because of their hair and clothing, but it is difficult to get a close level of detail with large groups of people. By keeping the focus on the key couple and the details on the other guests a little loose, I can preserve a sense of motion in the piece.

Does the canvas come framed?

The canvas is already pre-stretched and can be hung without a frame. I normally paint the sides of the canvas to give it a finished look. If you prefer to have it framed, I can give you advice on this or arrange the framing for a fee.

Can I request changes to the painting after it is finished?

Absolutely. Sometimes people would like to remove an object from a finished painting and I can do this for a small fee. I will re apply another layer of protective varnish afterwards. I can also add in a person or a pet if you provide me with a decent quality photo for a small fee.

What is required for the set up?

I only need a small area approximately 4' x 6'. I will be setting up a small table for paint and supplies next to the easel. Ideally a power supply is available nearby for my light but if need be, I can bring battery operated lights and chargers. I normally bring drop sheets so that there is no risk of paint droplets on the floor. I like to try to be at the event around 3 hours before to get set up and begin painting the background. If the venue does not allow that I can be set up within 20 minutes. There is a wow factor for guests when they enter a venue and see a painting underway!

When will the painting be finished?

Sometimes the painting is near completion during the reception, however it is much better for everyone if I just take the painting back to my studio and spend time adding detail and final touches. I will be taking photos of the event to assist me with the detail. As you can imagine it is quite challenging to paint a room full of people who are constantly moving! Generally the painting will be ready for delivery or pick up within a few days of the event, but this time frame will vary.

If the wedding is finished can I get a painting done from a photo?

As long as you have a high quality photo I can normally do this. I will need to obviously see the picture beforehand and ideally numerous photos will help me capture the feeling without having been there.

Where are you based and are you willing to travel?

I am currently based in Calgary, Canada but am able to travel to anywhere your event is. Any additional charges for travel are dependent on location of your event. Clients have commissioned me to do paintings in Canada, Australia, Russia and the Ukraine. All of my equipment is portable and travels easily.

 A painting can capture the mood and magic of your special day in a way that is very different to a photo.  

Imagine owning a painting that transports you to one of the key moments of your life every time you look at it.....


Having you and your guests watch that painting of your event come to life is truly special. And a painting makes a fabulous gift!

How it works:

Step 1.

 I like to meet with couples well before the event.

This helps me get an understanding of the event, your preferences, and what type of painting will capture your day the best.

Step 2.  

I arrive 2-3 hours before the event starts so that I can set up and begin painting the background.  

When your guests arrive they can see a painting that is well underway and this creates a bit of excitement.

Step 3.

 I paint during your event for around 3-4 hours (this varies).

I try to capture the feeling of the event, and ensure that I chat and explain the process to any guests who are watching the painting come to life.

Step 4.  

Enhancements and finer details are completed in my studio. This gives me a chance to see the painting away from the ceremony and finally apply a clear coat of varnish to protect your painting.

Step 5.  

We come together and you can see the painting of your special day.  Not only is it yours to hang on the wall, you can create prints of it and use it for thank you cards etc.



There are different charges depending on what you would like (pricing in Canadian dollars).


-  An acrylic painting starts at around $2000   for a canvas 24 x 30"

 (but I can do any size you like)

Any additional charges for travel or shipping are dependent on location of your event.


*A deposit of 50% is required to secure your booking.