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Before your event day

1. First we need to make sure I am available on your event date by leaving an enquiry. I will generally reply within 24-48 hours.​

(Please note that some dates book out quickly so I could be available for your date one day, and unavailable the next).

2.  I like to chat with clients well before the event for a full free consultation to design your artwork.

This helps me get an understanding of the event, your preferences, and what type of painting will capture your day the best.

You will need to secure your date with a 50% deposit and a signed contract!

3. Two weeks before the event I will contact you to make sure there have been no changes.


On the day of your event

1.  On the day of the event I arrive about 2 hours early so I can set up and begin painting the background.  When your guests arrive, they can see a painting that is well underway and this creates a bit of excitement.​

2. If it's a wedding event I will take you for a photoshoot to use as a reference for your painting. I will take photos of you and your partner in different poses and locations that will work best for the painting.

This will help me understand your style and preferences for your painting.

I will work closely with you to make sure every detail is perfect for your special day. 

3.  I paint during your event  (my duration at the painting will vary).  

I try to capture the feeling of the event and ensure that I chat and explain the process to any guests who are watching the painting come to life.

4. By the end of the evening, your painting will be nearly finished and I will seek you out to reveal the masterpiece before I leave. If your photographer and videographer are still around, I will inform them so they can capture you with your stunning new artwork.

After your event

1.  Enhancements and finer details are completed in my studio. This gives me a chance to see the painting away from the event.  

Sometimes I have the painting complete in a few days, other times it may take a few weeks, depending on the season.

2. I will apply high-quality clear coats of varnish to protect your painting. 

3. We then meet and I present your painting.  If you are located far away from me I can ship the painting to you for extra cost.  

You can use the painting to create prints or cards if you like.

Having you and your guests watch that painting of your event come to life is truly special. 

   Also painting makes a fabulous gift !  

(Custom made gift certificates available).

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